Saturday, March 3, 2012

Stuff I have made!!

Since I recently learned how to crochet, I have a lot I have made, but its mainly what I know how to do. I have made several hats, a scarf or two, and wrist warmers. I also made a pair of slippers. Here are some pictures of the stuff I have made :).

 A hat I made for a friend in Arizona
 A scarf I made for my friend Hope!
 A hat I made for my friend Elena
 Wristers I made for myself!
 My first slippers, they fit like socks!
 How the slippers fit on my feet :)
 The hat for Elana!
 Same as above
 The wristers on my hands :)

 The first set of wristers I made :)

I have more and will definitely make more stuff!

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