Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Key Points for Growing Crocheters

I was just thinking about what it takes to become a good crocheter. It takes time and patience to learn how YOU crochet and it takes time to learn different techniques. I have collected so many different ideas and points to good crocheting. Not all of these ideas are mine but they are helpful hints on how to become a great crocheter!

1. Make Changes to a simple Pattern to make it more complex.
2. Use a variety of tools, like online resources (, yarn pattern sites), Books (Pattern, Stitch, Stitch Design), and Friends and Family!
3. Document your work!!! ( is great for this aspect. It is a melting pot of patterns too!)
4. Look at other peoples work for inspiration!
5. Work a little at a time on a new technique. Do NOT expect to master it in one day!!
6. Its better to learn from a person than a video any day!!
7. Be Consistent with your stitches.(JR)
8. It is easier to start a new ball of yarn (same color or different) at the end of a line.(anonymous)
9. To make a hat smaller/larger, just change the size of the hook and yarn to accommodate the appropriate size. (anonymous)

This is a list of things to remember while you crochet, but this list will be updated every so often if i get new points from other people! The big point is to remember to have fun!!

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