Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Crocheted Potholders! The importance of using potholders!!

I have recently learned that potholders are extremely useful. The other day I was getting soup out of the microwave and it spilled and hit all my fingers. Some fingers got it worse than others, for example my pinky! I have not made any pattern for pot holders, but I have some links to some nice potholder patterns. By the way, these are all free! 

Right now I am just wanting to stress when you use potholders! You should use potholders when you get out soup from the microwave, anything on the stove top and oven, and little things out of the microwave might also need potholders.

Because I did not use potholders, I have burnt fingers, and second degree burns on my pinky! It is all bandaged now but it was in tremendous pain when it first happened and now that it is covered, the pain has subsided. 

These pictures are of my bandaged hand (Obviously)! This blog post could serve as a good reminder to use potholders!

Here are links to Patterns for Potholders and oven mitts! Now I think most of these use cotton yarn because it won't burn like acrylic will.

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